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classic car restoration services, garage

Our car bodyshop, established in 2010 was initially aimed at bringing high-quality classic car paintwork and body repairs for our sister company Classic & Sportscar Ltd under our own control. Over many years we had experienced mixed success in finding suppliers who could do quality repairs on our classic cars, particularly in relation to paint matching. Our objective was to achieve a consistently high quality of repairs, carried out within our own timescales.


Taking control of this aspect of car preparation and restoration allowed us meet our customers’ expectations particularly during the exponential growth of our Classic Car sales business during the past four years.  As the reputation of our bodyshop has grown, the business has expanded to include major restorations for our customers and high quality work on modern cars, particularly on prestige vehicles. 


Often our work for the classic car sales business are customer requested improvements on areas of bodywork a previous owner may have been willing to accept but which the new owner wants to improve. Dealing with this type of work so regularly means that classic cars are not just an occasional interesting job in a modern car paint shop. The skills and experience we use every day on our own vehicles are put to good use in improving our customers own cherished cars. Every job is different, just as every classic car is different. The range of services we provide allows us to do work as individual and unique as some of the cars themselves. For example, we have recently repaired an Alvis, which is the only surviving example of its kind in the world. They cars vary in age and condition across more than nine decades. However, the consistent care and attention to detail our dedicated and highly-skilled team provides is geared to ensuring that these valuable investments will survive for coming generations to enjoy.


We encourage you to discuss with us the improvements you want to make. We will explain the best and most cost-effective way to get the job done. We will give you our best estimate for doing the work you require and we'll also explain what happens if - for example, removing a rusty panel reveals deeper corrosion problems. Whatever the nature of the repair, we will be sure to give you good advice and a competitive quotation.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements, whether for an accident repair, minor paintwork or a more comprehensive project. We can, in conjunction with our mechanical services and trim departments, provide a complete ground-up restoration service for your pride and joy!

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